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Thursday, January 12, 2006

I LOVE puzzles

The tincanman provides wonderful time-wasting entertainment. Here is my latest discovery via tcm. I am partway through the fiendish (apparently) riddle. It is wonderful.

And to you know who you are - this IS a challenge. Please time yourself. Points are at stake. No lying or cheating.

I took 3 minutes from absolute start (ie clicking on the link) to get to level 4
then 5 minutes on level 4, where I am still stuck. So now I am pausing and will resume tomorrow.

Heh. I'm on 6 at the moment and stuck like a licked lollipop on a fur carpet.
I've given up :) It is annoying me. I can see it wasting hours of my time!
Heh heh heh. This might be more fun as a group activity - have several brains tossed at it simultaneously.
I just tried this too. I'm up to level 6, after about 5 minutes, then had to stop (it looks a bit tougher than the first few).

The clues at the bottom of each page help a lot (so far).
I showed the kids the falling sand game. Every few minutes its "can we play the falling sand game?"

Still stuck on 6. Six sucks. Grrr.

Mow the lawn and try again...
your kids have excellent taste in time-wasting games! :)
The ASCII seems to be "lilk" and "uorh". (108 105 108 107; 117 111 114 104) but that doesn't seem to work as the username and password. Bugger.
anagramm it ;)
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