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Thursday, January 12, 2006


This space has been very lacklustre recently. I am tired. I started back at work this week, and I started an exercise program for the first time in years and I have been having emotional dramas (all completely self-inflicted wtih very little basis in reality). So thats mental, physical and emotional exhaustion all covered.

Anyway in the midst of the emotional dramas I have been having a discussion with Bob. It is one of many possible interesting threads. Don't you find it strange you emotional dramas always yield lots of interesting ideas? Well, they do for me.

Anyway, this particular "discussion" (our discussions are actually closer to arguments particularly at the moment - I am blaming Mars and Pluto and Bob is most likely blaming me) is about negativity and whether negativity (ie thinking "bad" thoughts) is good or bad and how/why.

Bob thinks that negative thoughts should be transformed into positive thoughts. I don't totally agree. I think negative thoughts are just as valid and useful as positive thoughts and instead of making them feel inadequate by changing them into something "better" you should just accept them and feel them then think positive thoughts.

I know that probably sounds like we are syaing the exact same thing. The other Bob probably say it was all irrelevant anyway....that we are arguing about nothing...which is most likely true.

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