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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Thank The Universe for Radiohead

Today I practiced "living the moment" and dipping my toe "outside of my comfort zone."

About 4pm this afternoon, while I was pondering how much to sell my bass rig for and what username I should use for trademe, Shredder (ex-guitarist) rang and asked if I wanted to jam tonight. It was completely out of the blue. I haven't picked up my bass since the Asteroid Andy reunion gig in April last year.

I said "yeah, why not." Then proceeded to spend the next few hours feeling sick and scared and on the verge of changing my mind. I really didn't feel like it. I am generally very bad at jamming and I have not wanted to play my bass at all for ages and I thought I'd be crap.

The "jam" which was actually more of a singer audition was funny. I was totally unprepared and so was everyone else. You know what it's like. Everyone trying to think of a cover they know but no one actually knowing more than bits of songs, let alone all of us knowing all of the same song. We jammed for a bit and spent a large amount of time trying to think of classic, easy rock songs.

In the end we managed to get through one song: Creep by Radiohead. Yay for Radiohead! I didn't know I knew it, but it turns out I do. Nice easy song that.

Anyway, it was fun and I wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought I would be. Unfortunately now I have to revise my very recent and very firm decision to sell all my musical gear. This is exactly what always happens when I make a very firm plan.

Nice one. We always play 'Creep' at our jam sessions. It always goes along OK(ish)... until we reach the middle-eight, y'know, the "She's runnin' out again" bit, whereupon the lyrics go totally tits up. Thom is some kinda genius, alright.
Do you play in a band?
Good song, maybe I'll suggest that my band play it.

We're currently going thru convulsions trying to come up with a name for ourselves that none of us absolutely can't stand...
Nope, these are just boozy sessions with my mates (two of whom are reasonable guitarists and even they don't play in bands anymore) at someone or other's house... I usually get confined to the bongos, the shaky eggs, 'harmonies', and going to the fridge a lot...
"Going to the fridge" is one of the most important tasks.
Our fave song at the mo is Morrissey's 'First of the Gang to Die'... I'm not an expert at these things but I'm assured it's not the hardest to learn, and it totally goes off if everyone knows the beautiful words...
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