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Sunday, January 15, 2006

judgemental contrariness

In real life I am feeling a little argumentative. It's Bob's fault, he is provoking me deliberately. Anyway, the result is that the argumentativeness is spilling over into this, my unreal life.

So AL. Yes I am judgemental. So what? Everyone is judgemental. IMO SH is judgemental about Lefties.

Yes I think Humphrites (huge generalisation I know) are socially conservative relative to me. Yes, there will be Humphrite individuals who are quite liberal but the odds are that they will still be more conservative than I am.

Being judgemental about this is a good thing because it means that I do not go around polluting your blog by commenting about all the things I disagree with. And when I do comment I do not usually say EXACTLY what I really think. I am usually restrained. Perhaps it is because I like the Humphrites and I think they are intelligent and interesting. It is like how I wouldn't go to a friend's Christian Church service and try converting everyone to Satanism (and no, I am not a Satanist although I do agree wtih some of the precepts).

So there :p

Hey it's me!

Yes we are judgemental about people who identify with collectivist governmental solutions to social problems.

socially conservative relative to me
I think you'd find most of the population is socially conservative (even though they may not act as they think) compared to you.

But you are generalising incorrectly and should probably talk a little more to the various (8) SH authors before making such claims.
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