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Saturday, January 14, 2006

altered states

I suppose it is best not to read political blogs in altered states. It is like that "don't blog drunk" advice.

Alcohol affects judgement.

Lucyna posted about polygamy at Sir Humphreys. Specifically whether it should be de-criminalised in Canada. I happened to read the post in a sleep-deprived and alcohol-enhanced state. So of course I commented on it, which was in retrospect a little silly. After all, I know that my views on such things would be ummmm... how to put it... outside the world view of most Sir Humphrey people. I know it is one of those things that we will never agree on.

Nevermind. It was only a momentary lapse in judgement and now I have an interesting topic to write about!

You're being very judgemental Suze. And I think you'd find legalising polygamous marriage to be outside the world view of most NZers.
AL, isn't your comment saying the same thing as my post? ie my worldview is not like most of NZ's (incl SH).

I'm not saying Sir Humphreys is bad or wrong. I'm just saying that I think my comments were too extreme for SH and that in my usual mental state I would've not have said such things there.

And yes I am being judgemental. Judgement is a necessary part of life though.
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