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Monday, January 02, 2006


strategies that don't work:
1. Positive thinking
2. Living the moment
3. Drifting
4. Goal setting and planning
5. Gratitude
6. Trusting the universe (faith)

Strategies that work when you persist:
1. Positive thinking
2. Living the moment

4. Goal setting and planning
5. Gratitude
6. Trusting the universe (faith)
You know you've just elliminated just about all the strategies for managing life?
Persisting when there are no results is difficult and a little stupid.

There must be other strategies I haven't htought to try yet;
Suze, I thought the strategy for now was to wait. Waiting doesn't generally produce results until the waiting has ended. In the meantime, have you made any progress on learning any of the physical arts you were talking about earlier ie, martial arts, Alexander technique. The best time to focus on learning and yourself is while you are unattached. Don't waste it...
I forgot :)

I'm sick of waiting...especially at New Year when everyone else is doing the resolution/party thing. It is frustrating and I am impatient.

I'm also tired of learning and I suspect I could do with less of the focusing on myself!

You haven't actually done any learning. You are stuck at the point of resisting any change. You've taken advice, gone right to the edge where you can see that the advice might take you, thought it might be good and then refused to take any further steps.

1. Positive thinking is not some sort of feel good everything will be alright if I just think positively mantra. It is an expectation of a positive outcome given a course of action. Domonstrated by

a) that joke where the father is offered all sorts of lifts to get out of a war zone, turns them all down because God will look after him and then being killed and asking God why he didn't look after him. God says, what did you expect - I sent two jeeps and a helicopter!

and b) my son who was trying to jump over an indentation made by a huge pipe that pipes water into the sea. I told him not to try jumping, to instead imagine himself getting to the other side. If you imagine yourself failing, but perserving and trying anyway, it's not going to work. See yourself jumping and making it. And he did it. He stopped trying and he started doing. That's positive thinking.

It's late and I don't have time to get into the rest, but it seems to me you are waiting on the outside of life to be let in, and not realising that it's you who keeping yourself out, not anything else.
honey... Life has no strategies in fact....

These are ways of seeing life in a new light... cause the old light is too blinding or too dark....

There is nothing wrong in any of them..... you just have to pick one or a combination of these that will help you reach where you want to in life!
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