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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wind Creating

It is the dark of the moon. And a new moon on new years eve. A black moon. A perfect time for eerily clear and precise tarot readings that tell you things you'd rather not know.

I drew this card today. Spookily accurate; and talking to the me that VERY few people know. I think this is exactly what Bob has been trying to tell me. It is rather irritating that Bob can see all this stuff.

"Wind Creating takes flight on the back of a huge albatross - a symbol of the strength in aloneness. She leaves the known cliffs behind; these craggy precipices have perhaps become more of a prison than a protective buttress."

"For a person who has become lost in unfulfilling relationships, Wind Creating heralds a time of breaking free from emotionally driven choices. You may need to physically remove yourself from a situation in order to gain a more farsighted perspective about the choices you have. Wind Creating depicts a gap which often exists between the end of one phase and the beginning of the next, and it may be a painful time of breaking with the past while not knowing what the future holds."

"People close to you may be dismayed on seeing attributes and longings you have which have been hidden before now. At this time you irrepressiblly put your needs ahead of other considerations and may make what appears to be sudden, rash and irrevocable changes - in career, in living situations, in creative endeavours."

"It is time to take a dream and make it come true. You no longer desert your own longings by harnessing yourself to anybody else who looks like they may have a good idea. Instead you focus your intelligence on discovering which avenues are right for you."

"Wind Creating comes to love long periods of isolation and finds too many demands upon her become claustrophobic. Her ideal partners and friends are very individual characters with a high degree of self-reliance and independence. In this unrestrictive company she is a witty, entertaining and intelligent presence."


Enjoy 2006.
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