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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas Party Stress

I must've been in a strange mood a few weeks ago. I blithely decided to go to the work xmas function and get myself involved in because it would be "fun". What was I thinking?! Obviously I wasn't thinking. This is where spontaneity gets me.

Now the "why not?" has turned into "stupid stupid idea!"

I think it's because I have been reading up on office party survival tips on the interweb. The "survival tips" are stressing me out. Apparently office parties are more "office" than "party." Apparently, senior management is watching your every move. Apparently you should: drink moderately (no alcohol is even better), eat moderately, network, chat with the boss, dress conservatively, behave conservatively, arrive on time, don't stay too late....etc. And on top of that you must attend and enjoy yourself. It sounds awful! But more importantly, I don't think I am capable of doing all of that....what is the point?

Stupid interweb advice.

You mean then that the office parties I used to go to years ago, for which significant others were conspicuously *not* invited, and many (especially senior management) proceeded to get sloshingly drunk and mate with one another (if not on the dance floor itself, then in a nearby coat closet), providing a year's worth of office gossip are not the types of office parties that should be had?
Those types of parties sound like exactly the sort of parties that should be had! :)

I mean that I asked the interweb and it thinks I should not behave in the way you describe and that office parties are not for having fun, but for advancing your career. I am ignoring the interweb advice because it is obviously for people who think their career is more important than having fun.

I suspect this party will be somewhere in between.
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