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Monday, November 28, 2005

What a difference cane sugar makes!

Yum! Almost perfect! This is officially my favourite cocktail.

All I need now is a proper muddling device, an ice crushing device and a source of cachaca. I have been drinking caipiroskas (of the chunky ice cube variety) tonight because I am not sure if the small amount of cachaca I have will be difficult to replace.

BTW the recipe is:
1. muddle a quartered lime and 2tbsp (or a suitable amount to taste) sugar (dark cane is better)
2. add ice (preferably not large ice cubes, I'm sure crushed/cracked will be better) and 2oz of alcohol.
3. shake.

Use cachaca for a caipirinha or vodka for a caipiroska or white rum for a caipiríssima. Apparently half tequila and half white rum makes an OK substitute for cachaca. I will have to do a taste test on that.

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