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Friday, November 25, 2005

I Do Like This

I don't usually like interviews, but this is cool:
Interview With The Search Engine (pilfered from Darren's del.icio.us links)

I think it is very amusing and a great idea for me to try when I have future procrastination emergencies. But then sometimes I am very easily amused...

That was kinda amusing. I had to add it to my "Que?" collection. Blogged on the State. Thanks Suze.
You're welcome. Maybe I will Ask Jeeves what's wrong with my life.
Yes...that sounds like a good idea...but remember to also ask Jeeves what's right with your life. That might be more enlightening.

And don't forget to correlate it with River's life. And maybe ask the same questions about a piece of fruit. It's good to have perspective. Jeeves may give this to you. Cover the tangents, all the way to 90 degrees.
The "Yes...that sounds like a good idea..." came out looking vaguely serious.

It isn't.

That being said - you should still ask Jeeves. Looks like he might be better than those "magic 8 balls".
Jeeves wasn't very helpful :)

I think I'll stick to tarot.
I asked Jeeves what you should do with your life...and he said

"Guys should like this one. ... as he becomes a Rat and River-water ... Life and death, good and evil, magic ... Suze is a mediator, a girl who..."

I think Jeeves was being evasive. Stick with the tarot. And the blogging.
Quite. Just goes to show how little the interweb knows about the important things :)
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