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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Python is pretty cool

...but also a little annoying. I am not the sort of person who likes worrying about tabs and indentation and backslashes being escape characters. Actually, that's not true. I adore those things the first few times when I am "figuring out what is wrong." Afterwards when the "figuring out what is wrong" turns into "crap typing and attention to detail skills", that's when I hate it.

Anyway, I am very pleased with myself because I wrote a couple of python scripts (I don't know python) to do something that would've taken around 60 hours of tedious mouse-clicking. And the coding only took a quarter of the time I thought it would.

Of course the scripts aren't perfect and I could spend hours making them better, but there is a balance/trade-off point between spending time automating smething and doing some parts manually.

You'll know you're a programmer at heart when you spend more time writing a program than you would have spent doing the actual thing manually that the program is doing.
and usually writing the program is 100 times more fun than doing the thing manual. And I think 100x more fun beats 10x longer
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