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Friday, November 25, 2005

I Have Been Thinking

So, I ought to be able to leave my doors unlocked and wide open with my expensive belongings in plain sight. I ought to be able to leave a box full of my life savings in the park for a week with my name on it and a request not to touch it or remove any of the contents. I ought to be able to dress in next to nothing and prance drunk along dark deserted back alleys in the middle of the night all by myself, taunt and insult angry P users and not expect anything bad to happen to me and if it does it is not my fault?

I don't think so. I am idealistic but I'm not stupid. Life is not black and white but my lovely new top is.

That would all be absolutely wonderful :)

So would pizzas falling from the sky. But only in designated areas (I wouldn't want to have to avoid having them fall on my head). And with little parachutes attached to them so they descend gently onto clean platters and don't simply splat onto the grass.

P.S... P users?
Not just pizzas. Anything you happened to feel like and only when you felt like it :)
How about big gobs of worry-free-satisfaction-with-life falling from the sky? I wouldn't mind a few of those. They would obviate the need for any of those other things...
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