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Friday, November 18, 2005

Firefly & Battlestar Galactica

I am halfway through the TV series and I am officially hooked. So much so that I expect I will finish the rest of the series within a week, if not by the end of the weekend.

The first couple of episodes were a bit lame, but it has gotten better and/or I have gotten into the characters. It is one of the few things on TV that can make me laugh out loud.

Once I have finished with Firefly and Serenity I think I will try Battlestar Galactica again. I adored the original Battlestar Galactica but never really got around to watching the new version. Mostly because of the time slot but also because I didn't like the idea of Starbuck being female and Boomer being organic and human. But "edgier and racier than its predecessor" sounds good. And I like the idea of complexity and plot twists.

Ok. Where did you buy them? Time for an early Xmass present for myself, methinks.
I bought Firefly from JB Hi-Fi ... much cheaper than anything I could find in NZ. I just checked and they still have the Firefly Box set on sale


Looks like they also have Battle Star Galactica on sale too - I think it is time for my second early Christmas present!
PS.. Firefly is not what I expected. I thought it would be more complex. A friend and I were debating whether it is actually sci-fi. He thinks not. I am not sure - depends on how you define sci-fi.

I love Firefly for the characters and dialog.
Thx! I usually get my stuff from here. Their prices are reasonable, but doesn't seem as good as JB HiFi! Wow!
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