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Sunday, October 30, 2005

New Toy

Ooooh....a new toy to play with!!!!

The new Sir Humphrey's site is sort of working. I love figuring out how new things work and clicking new buttons and stuff. I love seeing new things appear each time I visit. Of course all the content and thoughtful comments are still over at the old Sir Humphreys.

I think my fascination and participation will disappear when content is moved across and it becomes all serious and political again. But at the moment it is like a fun sandbox. Of course, it would be even more fun if it was my sandbox, but that will have to wait.

PS I like what Drupal seems like it is capable of doing. Crap name. Cool tool.

Ah Drupal looks like a Content Management System. I think I checked it out when I was evaluating CMS's for use on another site. I ended up using "CMS Made Simple", which is, unsurprisingly, pretty simple.
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