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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Maybe God

What's it been? Not quite a month? Maybe three weeks? Three weeks of happy, well more like 1 week of happy and 2 weeks of content. That's pretty good.

But it seems that the effort needed to feel that way keeps escalating. I have been doing everything "right": eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, thinking positive thoughts, setting goals, actively initiating social activities, having an open and relaxed attitude. It is all getting too much and more importantly it is not working.

Sometimes I wish I had it in me to believe in God.

Belief in a god seems to make lots of things easier...

However, be glad for any periods of happiness or contentedness you are lucky enough to experience. Sometimes you need to go through a bit of a black period to get back to it.
Make the most of every moment? That is good advice...but sometimes very hard to implement,
Wasn't even saying anything that deep. More along the lines of "count your blessings". And that the bleak times are the exception rather than the rule, but can't be avoided...
It was more the timing.
He loves you suze.
Thanks Shavar!

For some strange reason (I'm not a Christian), your comment made me feel better :)

I guess all that anyone really wants is to feel loved and appreciated regardless.

For those regular readers who appreciate photography, I'd like to direct you to Shavar's fantastic photos over at flickr:


I love his portraits.
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