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Sunday, October 02, 2005

More Annoyances. An Analysis of Time Lost because of my New Desk Location

Silly? No. I am at work and it is 7pm on a Sunday. I spent 10 hours at work on Friday and 10 hours on Saturday with no breaks. And I predict I will be here all night. This is to keep me sane.

My new desk is in an inconvenient location.

It is further from the printer.
I am now upstairs. The colour printer is still downstairs and MUCH further away from my desk.

Why is this a problem?

I need to use that printer and what's more I need to visit it frequently. Unfortunately I can't just send things to the printer and then collect them all at the end because a) the printer has a tendency to misbehave, so it is a bad idea to send large jobs and expect everything to work and b) I need to contantly make changes as I work. Basically I send something. Go get it. Come back to my computer and check it. Fix it. Repeat. Tonight I am working on three copies of a series of 60 maps. So I imagine that will be approximately 40 trips to the printer. I am going to count them.

My new desk is also further from the webmail computer
Obviously I need to check my email now and then.

My new desk seems to be in a light sensor dead zone
This means that after precisely 30 minutes of working (yes I really am timing and counting these things) the lights turn off. So, if I want light I have to walk 20 steps to activate the light sensor then 20 steps back to my desk.

My new desk is further away from the people I am working on this project with
I have to ask these people questions and they have to ask me questions and most of the time we need to do this in person.

The Numbers
Number of steps to printer:
Now = 78 (including 21 stairs)

Number of steps to colleagues desk:
Then = 35
Now = 80 (including 21 stairs)

Number of steps to turn lights on:
Then = 0
Now = 20 there and 20 back again

Number of steps to webmail computer:
Then =
Now =

Yikes. That's quite interesting in a weird kinda way.

A little bit of walking might be good for the bod!

However, for the sake of the exercise - no pun intended - try phoning a colleague and try this out:

"Hey Mike, I need to see you. Can you drop by within the next 3 minutes and 24 seconds?"

"Why by then?"

"Oh, its a light sensor thing"

"Er, OK".

"And Mike, there's a print job I need. Can you pick it up on the way over?"

"Its up/down all those stairs. That's not the way over"

"Hey Mike, its 21 freaking steps. You a slob or something?"

"No, OK, I'll get it. But there's one problem"

"What Mike?"

"Its Sunday night, and you are at work all alone and I'm off having fun somewhere. Your actually talking to yourself"


"Not only that Suze, but by the time you hang up the phone, the lights going to go off"


..Since its so dark, may as well go check your email.
Ha! :) That was cool!!! I am ashamed to say I didn't think of that. Unfortunately I think I will be the only one here soon.

And yeah exercise is probably a very good thing and it is a good excuse to get more coffee, which is also a very good thing. I guess on a more positive note, the kitchen is right by the light switch.
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