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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tribute Albums

It was a very random and forgetful day. I went to an important meeting 24 hours early and I completely forgot about an event I really wanted to go to. So it was strange that I remembered this item from near the bottom of my "to-do-if-I-ever-get-around-to-it" list:

Get a hold of a copy of the String Quartet Tribute to Tool album.

Well. I have now ticked that particular item off my list. I also managed to find a String Tribute to Radiohead.

I am a little disappointed though. I was expecting something spectacular and I would have arranged all the songs very differently and perhaps an orchestral tribute would be more appropriate.

Nonetheless, it is a good thing to listen to. I particularly liked Sober, Jimmy, Paranoid Android and Exit Music. It also reminded me just how melodic Tool is. And how dissonant. Of course, Tool would never have made it to my "all-time-favourite-band" list without being melodic. That is the one non-negotiable requirement. Some other slightly less solid requirements are: dark, beautiful, quirky, intense, emotional, interesting lyrics...

Anyway, now I am wondering if there is a string tribute to the Deftones somewhere.

I have friends looking for a band name...perhaps I will suggest Malleable Suspicions to them. But on the other hand ttey don't sound like a Malleable Suspicians...
You may want to check the blog of columnist Dave Barry, who periodically interrupts his articles by pointing out potentially good band names. He's accumulated a list of a bunch of them here:

Those are funny!

It is almost enought to make me want to start a band.
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