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Sunday, July 17, 2005

here I am wearing my new square hat and my old white dressing gown
memories of ears and tears turning me around
and I can almost see around the corner
I can almost see the bag with my new suit wrapped in tissue paper
that I know it's there
isn't that all that matters?

and I have been not thinking all weekend
just letting your advice percolate and mellow
I think I saw all this from afar
I think I almost felt this before
there have been telescopes in my mind ever since I met you

and you surprised me
you told me you thought that song was about you
I didn't know at the time
and perhaps it is about you
but I was a silly girl back then
and maybe I still am
But I knew you were there
that was all that mattered

and the loose threads of my disintegrating life are moving
I let them go
and now they are rearranging themselves
I can almost see the pattern
but I won't predict it
all I know is that its not what I expected
and maybe even better than I expected

so I am sitting here thinking
perhaps the universe is not so bad after all
and I am sitting here thinking
perhaps this is what you are for

Nice :)

Have music to go with it?
No music as yet :)

I might get my guitar out tonight. I'm sure I have a few half-finished lyricless songs.
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