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Monday, July 18, 2005

Songs of My Life: Song Number 1

dum de dum dum diddly dum
G G G G G C C dum-dedum de-dum

"Woke up to the sound of pouring rain
Wind would whisper and I'd think of you
Remember yesterday
Walking hand in hand
Love letters in the sand
I remember you..."

I wish I could communicate how this song makes me feel....Those chords. That acoustic guitar part with the hammer-on on Cadd9. Those soppy words. That melody. Those guitar solos. Those guitar solos! And more importantly those guitarists who remember this song the way I do...whose eyes light up when I play it...who drop everything and play it for me at the slightest hint. Yeah. I love those guitarists :-)

If you don't know the song I am talking about, you won't understand how those first few bars just make me smile inside, or how I sing along in spite of my no-singing policy, or how the solos incite air-guitar temptations from little old me, or how it makes me think fondly about all the guitarists in my life.


the "add9" is always fun...
add9's are my second favs. After sus4s.
But aren't sus4's kinda cliche?
Now that I re-read that, that wasn't very nice of me to say. Sorry. If you like sus4 chords, then they're not cliche. I just tend to hear them all over the place...
Since when did you worry about nice? ;)

I like some cliche things. Cliches can be cool.

I love this very cliche song becuase of the people it reminds me of...and just because.
I know you're joking, but I do in fact try to be nice to people -- I may trash the opinions of people I don't know who write things I find deplorable (or just wrong), but I generally don't want to say nasty things about people themselves. And certainly not to cool New Zealand girls with ultra-funky hats!

There are a couple of songs which will trigger very specific memories for me, mostly from my teenage years. Which is a mixed blessing, considering how much I enjoyed my teenage years (not a whole lot).
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