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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Looking for a Red

So I finally changed the template. It is very much a Work In Progress. The only part I am happy with is the fluid column width.

The next item on my blog TODO list is find a "red." It has to be a deep red...almost blood red. The red also has to be glossy. Like patent leather. Can you have glossy colours on the computer screen? I'm not even sure where I am going to use this red. All I know is that I need such a red somewhere on this blog.

This is much more important than the other Blog TODO items which include:

Hey, have you tried the color picker link that you turned me on to?

There are some awesome reds in there. Not sure if any of them would show up glossy as a font color though. You'd probably have to turn your text into graphics and apply some kind of effect. Any if you go to that much trouble, all I have to say is you must *really* be avoiding your thesis ;)
Hey David,

No I hadn't tried that colorpicker. I got stuck on some other colorpicker. But that is a very good idea!

I'll experiment tonight.
Avoiding and ignoring the T.
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