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Friday, July 15, 2005

Bad Universe

I am very annoyed at The Universe. I have been holding up my end of the bargain, which was to get out of bed most days and be creative when I feel like it (ie never). The Universe has not been holding up it's end of the bargain, which was to handle the rest of my life.

Did you ever get the Universe to agree in writing? Even if it did, I bet it left itself a loophole. It can be tricky like that.
No. So it wasn't even a verbal agreement.
You'd think that it would at least try, since it had to be smart enough to know that's what was expected of it. It's probably holding something off as a pleasant surprise.

Watch out for one of those "when you least expected it" moments.
Yeah...it ought to know. I was very clear.

I will try not to watch out for a "least expected" moment ;)
The universe presents you with all sorts of opportunities. They just come on the days you sleep in.

Spend 5 minutes a day communicating with the universe. You might have a better chance of hearing it when it's talking to you.

I spent 3 minutes today doing that and was rewarded instantly.
I'll do seven minutes tomorrow.
Zen: Yes. I forget about the regular communication aspect. People tell me it does work.

And perhaps I have been too hard on The Universe. Life appears to be shifting. Not in the way I expected and not in a big way, but a shift is good.

I must go review what I asked the universe for. Perhaps it has in fact given me what I asked for.
It doesn't often give you what you ask for. That implies you know what you need, err, want.

I think the challenge is to learn where to look. I am amazed sometimes that I am not looking where I think I'm supposed to be looking.

What pulls me away? My destiny or some-one elses?
and I know neither what I want or need. Just vague malleable suspicions.

I read somewhere that I should ask for "x" or better.

"What pulls me away? My destiny or some-one elses?"

Aren't they the same thing?
Malleable Suspicions: a good name for either a song or a band.

Just sayin'...
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