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Friday, June 03, 2005

Suze and Politics Part 8: It IS all about me

I must come across as very selfish and self-centered with my posts about hating buses, and how public transport doesn't work, and how I care about myself more than the environment and how I don't like the welfare system, and how I don't like paying lots of tax. Have I said that before? If I haven't, then I am saying it now.

Well, I am very selfish and self-centered. It IS all about me. I mean, I have a blog. Isn't that the ultimate in narcissism? I'm not even using my blog to right wrongs or to change the world.

I suspect that most of my friends are left-leaning. I suspect that most of my friends (especially the musos) like what the Labour Government is doing. Or, if they don't like it, then they think at least it is better than what a National Government would do.

I guess I used to agree with them. I used to think that welfare was necessary and the more the better, that the environment was important and needed to be saved, that it was OK to pay lots of tax because that meant that the government could help everyone have a better life, and that if the government increased taxes it was because they needed the money for something important.

A few personal events, have completely changed my mind. I am almost completely disenchanted. Welfare does not work for me. I am paying far too much tax. The environment is important, but people are more important, and people are important, but I am the most important. I might write explanatory posts, or I might not. I am willing to explain in person. But those of you that know me personally, can probably guess most of my reasoning.

Zen Tiger has written a very interesting post (How much is enough?) about taxes and government and budgets. All I have to say about it at the moment is: if someone is going to waste my money then I want that someone to be me. I have a long list of "things to waste money on", and I don't like the Governments list of "things to waste money on" at all.

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