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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Link Time

Via del.icio.us:

Merriam-Webster asks "What's your favourite word that is not in a dictionary?" Surprisingly I have actually heard of some of the top ten. I like chillax and cognitive displaysia.

Overcoming Serious Indecisiveness.
I'm sure I should read this information about decision making. I know I am very bad at decision making.

I'm also sure that some people would say I need to think more responsibly. Some people might say that I need to read this: How Can We Avoid Believing Things That Aren't True? Maybe I'll read it. Maybe I'll even read it critically.

This news article caught my eye, because I am kind of fond of Wicca Judge: Parents Can't Teach Pagan Beliefs.

And finally, because I could always do with a better brain. New Scientists 11 Steps to a Better Brain.

1) Confuzzled, that's the one I like. Since having read this list a week or so ago, that's the one word which has actually entered my vocabulary.

2) Not letting parents teach their kids what they want sucks sucks sucks. Yet another strike against the government.

3) "Why People Believe Weird Things" is a book I've been wanting to read, but my reading time is woefully little.
1) I don't know if I'd actually use any of those words. I think I should be making up my own words :)

3) I believe weird things. Perhaps I should read that book. I don't think my "just because" answer satisfies everyone ;)
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