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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Furious Filmmaking

I have just been to the 2005 48 Hour Film Finals in Auckland. What a great night! Every one of the 12 films in the final was very very well done. I am extremely impressed. It was so much better than most of what is on television, and much more entertaining than most movies I have seen. Besides, the Civic is a fantastic venue. I adore the stars and the clouds floating across the night "sky."

1st place = A Fairly Good Tale by Crash Zoom (Fairytale)
Runner up = The Donor by Film Destruction (Mystery)

The nzshortfilm.com has the 2004 finalists for your viewing pleasure. When they get around to adding the 2005 finalists I highly recommend my personal favourites: A Fairly Good Tale and Mystery of DeReznys Limp by Bras Bras Bras (Mystery).

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