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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Information Overload

Recently work has been very busy. But also very slow (as in click the mouse and wait 20secs-20mins) and mind numbingly tedious (as in it is best if I turn my brain off).

This means that I have spare bits of time to fill in. Some of that time gets spent on coffee, but I can't drink that much coffee.

Yesterday I had the bright idea of adding feeds to Bloglines. Being my usual enthusiastic and eclectic self, I added 100 or so (to my exisitng 260ish), which I thought nothing of. Until today. Today I decided to actually scan through all the stuff I had subscribed to.


Information overload!

Now my brain is mush and I have a list of 30 or so fascinating topics to blog about. Of course, a mushy brain means that I don't really feel like researching or blogging, so these fascinating topics will probably be left to die.

I'll be very surprised if I read this post tomorrow and think "wow that made sense." Actually, I'll be very surprised if any of my posts in the near future make any sense. I can feel the words seething out of their grammar cage.

I should probably stop now, before they get away from me completely. But before I go, I'll mention my cursory prayer to Google God. I asked for advice about managing information overload. I thought it was amusing, not to mention annoying, that Google God's advice for my problem was to use a tool (like Bloglines). Apparently using Bloglines is supposed to reduce information overload!?! I obviously asked Google God the wrong question. But like I said brain = mush.

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