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Friday, June 03, 2005

The Billboards

I liked the National billboard "preview" and the ensuing kerfuffle. I like the National billboards. And now I like the Unofficial National billboards and the National billboard parodies.

I saw a real one today. It was a nice distraction. Maybe I can go find others. Like a treasure hunt. Does anyone have them mapped? or flickrd? or geotagged? Are they placed at locations relevant to the particular mysterious and very shy policy they are supposedly representing? Did someone do some demographic/spatial analysis?

By the way, liking the billboards does not mean I agree with the billboards or that I like National. It just means I like the billboards. They are entertaining advertising. I always just laugh at the election ads.

I especially disagree with the billboard I saw today. It was:

"What's best for your kids? Excuses. Exams."

If I had kids, I would say neither. I don't like the school system now, and I didn't like it under National. Exams were always best for me, but that's only because I loved exams and always did well with minimal effort. Exams were never about learning. I always thought they were about figuring out that it was actually a game, what the rules were, and how to "cheat" (or maybe "hack" is a better term). Although, I suppose the game playing is a useful skill in itself, especially if you want to get into politics.

I saw one today as well - on my way down Symonds St.
Er I was thinking Khyber Pass, yet typed Symonds St...
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