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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Reading Political Blogs

...is making me very grumpy. They might also be keeping me awake, but I'm prepared to admit that my insomnia could be the fault of the full moon shining in my face.

I was right when I said that politics is very bad for me. I should've listened to myself.

But I love this new political blog: Artificial Intelligentsia. It's the one that I will keep reading if/when I stop reading the others. It is so beautifully snarky. I may not agree with everything that Ruth says, but it sums up my attitude to politics perfectly.

Thanks a lot suze. If I annoy some people my job is done. You just get sick of it all don't you ;-)
Well. Your job probably *is* done. After reading your first few posts, I think you would have successfully annoyed many people ;)

I'm not into politics, so suddenly reading all the political blogs has been educational. I like the different opinions, but sometimes they just make me want to scream. Your new blog will be very therapeutic on such occasions!
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