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Thursday, May 05, 2005

From my Backpack

Yes. Alright. I like 37signals' Backpack. Even though I can't get the reminders to work, I can see the potential. It means I can email myself all my random thoughts and todo lists as I work.

I just wish it was a little more integrated. I want to be able to tag things, and have seamless integration with flickr, delicious, this blog, and anything else I may fall in love with.

I am just looking at what I put in my backpack today. Ah. Links. Of course. What else.

And thanks to delicious this is my linky find of the day:
How to Fold a Fitted Sheet. I never knew this! I always try to have fitted sheets because when it comes to housework I am very lazy. Of course, it is best if I time things so that I don't need to fold sheets, but occasionally I have a fit of domesticity and spend a day doing laundry. On such days, I fold fitted sheets very badly. But not any more!

I'm absolutely thrilled! Although I guess you might think I am exaggerating a little. But really in comparison with the rest of my life finding out how to fold a fitted sheet IS thrilling!

And in keeping with the general laziness in household maintenance theme of this post here is a link that may come in handy in later years:
Organic Lawn Care for the Cheap and Lazy

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