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Thursday, May 19, 2005

budget induced travel thoughts

Stay in my beautiful apartment and be poor forever?
Or go and make some decent money somewhere else?


If I didn't have a thesis to finish, I think I'd be leaving. If Labour wins this election I probably will leave despite the thesis.

You've clearly been reading too many blogs ;-)

Maybe you should visit Just Left - that guy really supports the great things this Labour Government is doing for our country.
Do you think so? ;)

Oh I do I read Just Left. I read far more left blogs than I do right blogs.

I am not convinced that anyone else will do any better than Labour. Why can't politicians be like me? :-)
So let me get this straight. You have a day job, plus in a band (or photographing gigs), *plus* doing a thesis?

You're one busy girl. Not to mention making a Schrodinger's cat costume and trying to widen your social net of physics geeks.

Where do you find the time?
you forgot blog addiction!
Well yes, I wouldn't mention that in polite company...
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