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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bikinis and Scars and Retail Therapy

People are funny about scars.

When my surgeon told me I'd have to have a vertical scar he sounded very apologetic. He was sorry that I wouldn't be able to wear bikinis. I was rather bemused at the time. I think I may have asked him "Why not?". Poor guy. That may have been the same appointment where I asked about tattooing over scar tissue. I don't think anyone has asked him that before.

Anyway, what difference do scars make to bikini wearing? I will wear bikinis if I want, regardless of scars and fat. My scar doesn't bother me. I pretty much always wear clothes because I like them, not because I want to impress other people. If that was the case I certainly wouldn't wear bikinis.

Why am I writing this at the onset of winter? Well, today I was frivolous. Today I was supposed to be buying underwear, but ended up with way more, including two bikinis:

I love them! I very rarely find swimwear I like. And these are both very "me". They have turqouise and silver bead details and I love brown and turqouise. In addition they are interchangeable and relatively cheap. I wish it was sunny and beach weather. Maybe I will have to pretend. Maybe I should go to the Warehouse and buy myself a paddling pool.

What is it about buying bikinis (or anything else for that matter) that makes you feel good? It's irrational. I have my purchases spread out on my bed and just looking at them makes me happy. Especially looking at the brown and turquoise and silver together. I will probably try them on and feel even better.

Note: I have just tried my new bikinis on, and instead of revealing some of the scar as I had imagined, both of them reveal all of it! I think that's funny!!!

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