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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Suze and Politics Part 2: Politics is Very Bad For Me

Politics makes me feel sick. I've only skimmed the surface, and it seems to be a very nasty world. It makes my soul sad and tired. I am getting all emotional and defensive on behalf of stupid politicians who I don't even know or agree with...stupid politicians from all sides. Perhaps it is transferral, perhaps not.

I need to figure out how to manage this empathy. It's that or retreat back to my universe where people don't attack each other, where people are sensitive towards each other and where people care about each other.

yep politics is very nasty. it's very frustrating sometimes how needlessly nasty people get. i posted about the nastiness many right wingers have towards Margaret Wilson a while back and i have noticed lately a lot of people putting the knife into Jordan Carter, a centre-left blogger, on an unnecessarily personal level that makes me very sad.
Yeah, I have noticed the same, and politics is fairly new to me. I don't like how nasty it gets. I don't see that the nastiness achieves anything.

There must be a reason why people are like that. I guess I am curious enough to want to know why people are so nasty.
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