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Sunday, April 03, 2005

I am having a blonde day (ie Where is my brain?)

I forgot my camera again!!! So I did not chronicle the runninghouse gig. This would not have been a proble m except for the fact that the new bass player, Ivan Meadows, had a super fantasticly entertaining outfit. Not fashion, but most definitely not boring. He also has a translucent bass. This is cool because, apart from the general coolness that comes with translucence, it also means that his bass automatically goes with whatever outfit he is wearing.

I forgot to do my consistency exercise again! I forgot yesterday too, and I was annoyed. But then Amanda and Romi joined me, and we were going to start today. Amanda even texted me today to remind me. I think she reminded me just a few minutes before the scheduled exercise. But I completely forgot until just now. How could I do that? I will have to start again tomorrow. At this rate, it's going to take me all year.

I am opinionless. I was trying to discuss current events. For example that woman (Terri?) who died and some other things (yes I have forgotten them). In the middle of it all I realised that a) I didn't have enough information, and b) even when given information I didn't know what my opinion was. Surely I must know where I stand when it comes to important philosophical issues? But I don't. I could feel my mind changing even as I was talking. I don't like not having a philosophical basis for my life. Now I am going to have to do some research and find one. How irritating!

terri shiavo and her right to die - media hype hype hype, a bit of religion thrown in and yada yada. you do have opinions, its just hard to figure out what the facts are when everyone's going mad.
It's why I avoid the news in general. Mad people everywhere!
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