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Friday, October 27, 2006

halloween costumes

I know I have been grouchy over the money thing, but I do have two Halloween parties this weekend and they are free! Although the current dilemma is how to get to them. I mean they are both within 30 minutes walking distance, but it IS Auckland and quite likey to rain and I will be in costume. Hmmm.

Anyway. As usual I have left the costume thing till the last minute. I tend not to worry because I have two pairs of ear, a pair of wings, a cape, and many witchy type items in my everyday wardrobe. So it's not like I won't have anything to wear. But I would like to wear different things if possible.

The first party is "your former self." There are many many options: gymnast, goth, model, 80s, 70s, rock star, hippy. And then, if we think in terms of former lives there is anything and I am thinking: cat, fairy, ethnic (you know bells on my ankles and sari), 40s, 50s.

The second party's costume I will worry about tomorrow.

So. I am off to try on leotards, old clothes and my grandmothers dresses and to attempt to put a sari on. Although how I am going to walk for half an hour in a sari in the possible rain carrying alcohol without the sari falling down is another story.


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