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Saturday, October 21, 2006

dietary changes. fascinating huh?

When I was little my favourite things to eat were raw fruit and vegetables and dried fruit. I didn't (and still don't) really like meat or fish. And I didn't like cooked vegetables then and have adjusted to eating cooked vegetables.

Now I seem to be going back to that. My favourite "meals" at the moment are:
half a papaya with lemon juice
OR a handful of raisins
OR a handful of pumpkin seeds
OR three oranges (yeah yeah I LIKE oranges and I like three)
OR a banana
OR a carrot
OR a baked kumara
OR half an avocado
OR soup
OR my latest very delicious cocktail concoction (half a kiwifruit, a quarter of a lemon, orange juice, cranberry juice, amaretto, midori)

And whenever I go to make myself a cup of tea or coffe, 80% of the time I just end up drinking boiling water, sometimes with lemon, sometimes without.

Now this may sound like I am on a diet. I'm not. I don't need to diet. Or it may sound like I have made a decision to do this. No. It just kind of happened. I am just eating and drinking what I feel like eating and drinking. It is very strange that what i feel like eating and drinking has changed so much of it's own accord. And I am wondering why.

I even think that the raw food diet/lifestyle looks more appealing and not cause I care about the poor little cows and sheep. And there have been quite a few days where my diet has been raw food. Although I don't know about cutting out dairy and grains.

But I will say that it is hard eating with people. I end up eating stuff I don't feel like and more than I want to. Then I feel sick and bloated. Visiting my grandmother was difficult because she kept trying to feed me, and I wasn't hungry and I ate far more than I wanted and she still she thought I hadn't eaten enough. Hmmm. Am going to have to think of strategies to handle other people commenting on my eating habits.

And I think my Doctor would have various fits about my diet and lack of red meat and my "meals". But I am not so sure all that mainstream knowledge about nutrition is that accurate. For example about 5 months ago I had quite high cholesterol. So my Doctor gave me lots of pamphlets to read about what to change to reduce my cholesterol. I filed them away and promptly forgot all about it and continued as I was. Then 2 months ago I got a letter to say they wanted to retest my cholesterol levels. I thought "Woops!" and assumed that theyd be about the same cause i hadn't actually done anything and that I'd get a telling off. So I went and had the test and I get a phone message saying "congratulations on reducing my cholesterol and to continue doing what I was doing." Bizarre! I wasn't doing anything!

I'm very much a carnivore, and I like cooked meat and pasta and sweets far far far too much. It sounds to me like you're eating very healthy, the hell with what any doctor would say. I know I've read that eating numerous small meals throughout the day is definitely a very healthy way to live...
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