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Monday, October 16, 2006


I am trying to do a new budget. When I finally start getting paid (it'd better be soon) it will be fortnightly instead of monthly, and it will be part-time instead of full-time. Anyway, it is very very frustrating and depressing! If I am frugal and careful and don't do many fun things and don't eat out or buy coffee or clothes or shoes (which I need) or contacts/glasses (which I need) or go to the doctor or dentist (which I should do) or get broadband (which I would like), I figure I can save $300/month. Maybe $400. That is ridiculous! How can I save enough to do anything?! Especially as my savings are also my emergency fund.

Most of my income goes to rent, power, insurance and food. My internet is really cheap (and slow) and I don't have a phone line and I don't spend more than $20/month on my mobile and I don't spend anything on transport/car. And I can't remember when I last bought new clothes or stuff. And I am careful not to go to too many gigs (< $400/year including the BDO). And I only go to 2-3 movies per year. And I don't get dvds out. And I rarely eat out or buy lunches. And I avoid going out to drink because it costs too much. And I never go on holiday. And even though my alcohol collection looks very very extensive it is only so large because I don't drink a lot and people keep giving me alcohol.

I don't understand. Where do other people get money to do things? Maybe I will have to sell my bass rig.

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Find a job overseas. You'd be surprised what you can get into and how much you get paid (for even the same job as you do in NZ) being a trained scientist/programmer if you look round.
Hmmm. That is seeming like a better option. I will do some more investigation.
By the way, what are your work specialties?

Background in Information Systems, Comp Sci and Physical Geography. Work mostly in GIS, but I tend to do whatever is necessary. And as I have a fairly broad range of skills, whatever is necessary can be any number of things.

Was private sector, now in research (part-time) and looking into contracting (part-time).

Have investigated options and apaprently it would be easy to get a very good job in Australia or the UK. Problem is I love my newish job (the job part, not the pay part) and it will give me a lot of experience and new skills in a completely new "industry."
I'd imagine you could find good GIS work pretty easily nearly anywhere like that. The further away you go the more you'll get paid as well, or at least have the possibility of being paid properly for the work. If you're young and want something it's worth a shot I reckon.
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