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Thursday, March 30, 2006


I am very pleased with myself today. I have made progress. No not in the whole what am I doing with my life thing, but it's best not to be too picky about such things.

My program works!
Well as much as I intended to have working anyway. And ahead of time! I thought I'd be lucky to get this far by next Tuesday. It is all very: click on the button and something happens and only very rarely will there be an unexplained error. Hmmm... error handling...

I have a connecting thingy!
My laptop is connected to my stereo and so I can play a quarter of my music collection at will and hear it through non-laptop speakers. This is not so important right now, but when I am trapped on the tropical island with nothing to do it could become very important.

My duty free allowance is full!
I'm not buying alcohol but I don't like going overseas and not bringing in any alcohol. Usually I just ignore my intentions and end up buying something. Not this time. I have found a friend who wants lots of alcohol. So I will be able to go alcohol shopping, which I love, and not spend any money, which I think I don't have.

I had salad for breakfast/lunch/dinner!
Not 3 separate meals. I've only had the one breakfast/lunch/dinner meal today (I know I know but I'm not hungry). I really love Salad Works. It's my new favourite food place. It's like subway in that you choose the ingredients. It's not like subway in that you pay for each thing you add to the salad. Salad Works salads are quite expensive, but they are delicious with fresh high quality ingredients and the servings are very generous.

I have $200 more than I thought I did!
Which is really really good right now because I have absolutely no spare cash and two trips overseas. Although I am a little concerned I may have forgotten about something and I don't actually have a spare $200..

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