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Thursday, March 30, 2006

blame the planets

For the astrological:

My natal horoscope is very integrated. Most planets are interconnected by a seemingly balanced aspect pattern.

Anyway I just noticed that Neptune (confused, spiritual, foggy) and Pluto (intense, energy, transformative, obsessive, dark) are just (ie over the past few years and peaking recently) hitting key points in my chart. At the moment, Pluto is pretty much exactly conjunct Mars and nearly square Pluto. Neptune is slowly making its way through the rather crowded and heavily aspected/integrated stellium near my Ascendant. Every planet except Venus is being affected by the transiting Neptune and/or Pluto.

No wonder I am confused and intense and moody and over-energised. And because Neptune and Pluto are slow pokes, I have years of confusing dreamy intense challenges and transformations ahead of me. Lovely.

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