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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

music music everywhere...

so far: 2819 items, 235 albums, 8.3 days, 14.6Gb ...

... and I don't think I am even halfway!

I am putting my music collection onto my lovely new laptop. Unfortunately I think my lovely new laptop's harddrive may burst before I get to the end.

And I haven't even started on the photos! And of course I want lots of free disk space at any time.

60Gb was definitely not enough. And I remember Bob saying... you'll be fine with 60Gb, there is no need to my more memory. Hmmph!

Obviously I am going to have to buy an external harddrive. Can anyone recommend anything? My main requirements are portable, robust (ie able to withstand me dropping it and tossing it into my handbag), reliable, pretty, small, fast, >=60Gb. Ideally it would be excellent value for money, but price is not the main factor.

It is very cool going through my entire music collection. I keep discovering great music that I have completely forgotten about. My current rediscovered favourite is Jeff Buckley. Specifically Grace. I love that album. How could I have forgotten it existed?

And it is also very cool having my entire music collection on random shuffle at work. I am discovering some songs for hte first time! Because, you know how when you buy a cd you very rarely listen to the whole cd? I must have hundreds of songs I've never heard before. I think I even have some entire cds I've never heard before.

I am looking forward to the discoveries and re-discoveries that await...

I'm surprised that anyone would say that 60GB is enough to comfortably store your entire music collection.
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