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Thursday, March 23, 2006

what happened to stranger danger?

All of a sudden people are approaching me. Random strangers. Smiling, asking directions, and the latest and funniest:

Them (very earnest and young): "Excuse me. Are you a Christian?"
Me: No. (I smile cause the idea is funny)
Them: "Do you want to go and study the Bible?"
Me: No thank you. (smiling and thinking WTF? They need to do better than that. That is not very appealing or convincing.)

They looked kind of lost and surprised when I walked away.

Anway, I don't get why people are approaching me now. They didn't use to. I used to be able to walk around the city and not have anyone bother me. Now, just when I am feeling extremely emotional and confused, with tense chaotic energy leaking everywhere, everyone wants to come up and chat. And most of the time (ie when they are not earnest and young and amusing) I just want to snarl and bite their heads off.

Unseductive as your earnest christian was, I prefer that kind of honest approach to the eveee-il scientologist device of saying "Do you want to take a IQ/personality/stress test?". It's only when you get into their office that you meet the desperate saddoes trying to flog you that stupid Dianetics book. You must have seen those types on Queen St. It's a worldwide deception.

But I'm ashamed of my last response to a guileless little christian dude who came up to me in the city... I was waiting for the lights to change so I could cross the road when I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a young bloke looking at me, quite intensely... I was so convinced he was gay that I was just about to tell him where to go with his wandering eye when he said to me, softly and sincerely: "Do you know that Jesus loves you?"... I was so relieved that I burst out laughing, very loudly, kinda right in his face... and couldn't really stop, as the lights changed and I walked across the road, hurrying away.

Not a proud moment for me. :-/
Doing one of those scientologist IQ tests is on my list of things to do :) I am quite curious as to whether I can be converted!
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