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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

mr marmalade

I went to see Mr Marmalade at the Silo Theatre.

I thought it was good. But it was intense. Way too intense for me at the moment. I would've enjoyed it more if I had been in a less sensitive state. I'd forgotten that live theatre gets to me. I'm going to be awake all night.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting and cool play. I'd recommend seeing it if you like quirky and/or theatre, aren't easily offended and if you aren't overly sensitive to energy (which I am at the moment).

"Four year old Lucy’s imaginary world revolves around her imaginary friend and husband Mr. Marmalade, a bi-polar cocaine addict suit, who never has time for the child who adores him. Her real world, though, seems even crazier until she meets 5-year-old Larry, New Jersey’s youngest suicide survivor."

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