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Monday, February 20, 2006

new music loves

Well...new for me...

I've already mentioned Arcade Fire (album: Funeral).
Beautiful. Intense. Melancholy. Reflective. Emotional. It is quite rare for music to make me feel such varied emotions. It makes me sad and it makes me smile; it makes me sit reflectively and it makes me want to dance.

Wake Up is an amazing song.

Then there is Jose Gonzalez (album: Veneer). I came across this by accident. Quietly beautiful. Intimate. Reflective. Poignant. Don't you love allmusic.com?

But in my words I would say:
this feels addictive
another yearning for that elusive something
I'm not sure I will ever reach it
or if it even exists
and yet I miss it always
there is an almost memory
that feels exquisitely beautiful
eyes closed and arms oustretched
and wings in chains straining against

Jose is Swedish would you believe? This album is just acoustic guitar and voice. The guitar playing is quite classical in parts. It reminds me of you know who. The songs sound almost like the sort of songs I would write...except lighter and better.

And then there is the Castanets (album: Cathedral). Again it fits in with the general reflective, melancholy, yearning moody theme I seem to have here. And it is interesting: country + folk + experimental rock.

And finally there is UNKLE (album: Never, Never, Land). Experimental hip-hop. I think it is quite beautiful. The moods according to allmusic are: Bleak, Brooding, Cynical, Earnest, Eerie, Druggy, Detached, Tense/Anxious, Sensual, Provocative, Refined/ Mannered, Paranoid, Complex, Confrontational, Intense, Ambitious, Somber, Reflective, Autumnal, Laid-Back/ Mellow, Earthy

Now wonder I like it! Apart from the "ambitious" part, it is just like me!

Oh yeah! UNKLE is superb. That DJ Shadow is a genius... They always choose the best collaborators too (Thom Yorke, Richard Ashcroft, Ian Brown, Mike D etc.). I really should actually buy one of their CDs soon! (as opposed to just relying on dodgy pirate versions :-/)
Which UNKLE cd do you like the best?
You got me there... I don't really know the names cos I just got a knock-off CD that my mate burned for me a while ago... I think it was a real mixture, but it did have the Ian Brown song on it ('Reign') that got a lot of airplay (well, in the underground sense - not on Top of the Pops or anything!) in the UK a couple of years ago... I think their first CD was called 'Psyence Fiction' or somesuch.
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