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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

dirty pretty things: synchronicity of the day

I watch Pretty Dirty Things on dvd (great movie). I go to the computer. Timmy pops into my head out of nowhere. It's the first time I've thought about him in ages. So I go to his website. Turns out he is touring with a band called Dirty Pretty Things.

Weird. Shiny.

I have never heard of Dirty Pretty Things until now. The frontman is ex Libertines singer/guitarist. They are touring the UK and the US over the next few months. Go see them if you can.

They sound interesting... does this mean The Libertines are now history? It would seem strange if it was actually that crack-addled caner Pete Doherty who was the 'glue' keeping them together...

They won't have to be too fantastic to be better than Babyshambles anyway, IMHO...
Don't know much about The Libertines but the ex-Libertines guy is Carl Barât.

ANd I don't know if they are good...but at least hteir band name is good.
The two Libertines albums are pretty good, and I suspect Barat was the main man behind them, so the Dirty Pretty Things might be worth checking out...

And yep, it's a top name :)
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