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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Excuse me while I go hide in my closet...

Thanks to David for reminding me I do have a closet away from prying eyes. Actually, I have several.

One of the reasons I started writing here was because I need somewhere to express stuff. I know that some of my posts look like chaotic over-emotional silly self-absorbed messes. Imagine what would happen if I left those messes inside of me. Now imagine if you had all those messes (and lots of other messier messes that I haven't told you) inside of you.

For those of you who have someone to complain about your day to and to chat to about mundane things with, and to share your latest stupid discovery with, and to have deep and meaningfuls with and to be absolutely yourself around ... do you realise what you have? how lucky you are?

Here. Now. I feel like I have to censor my words, which feels like censoring my thoughts and feelings, which feels like chaining and gagging myself.

I love and appreciate having readers, but it is a responsibility.

As soon as this thing feels like a responsibility instead of, say, a relief valve, then screw it. We don't need to impose *more* responsibilities on ourselves than we already have...
yeah the last thing i need at the moment is more responsibilites.
Good luck with it all. And bring a dust-buster with you. Closets tend to accumulate dust bunnies...
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