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Monday, October 17, 2005


I have been trying to find what union I would join if I wanted to join a union. I can't find one. I guess the only option would be the PSA, but why I'd want to join such a diverse and large group group like that I have no idea. A group of people not like me.

Maybe if you get involved in an industrial dispute of some kind, you might appreciate one. An ex-employer of mine f&cked me over once - they basically stole off me - and I had to make take all of the time/effort/expense to get some recompense. If I'd been a member of a union then they would have taken on all of those duties, responsibilities and risks. I won the case in the end, but I hadn't, I'd have been on my own.
Hmmm..I suppose I need to be better informed about such things.
You'd join a union for public service employees?
No. But I couldn't find any other vaguely relevant union.

I didn't look very hard though cause I don't want to join a union.
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