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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

and more political blogs...

this is a very interesting place too. Especially the comments.

There. I feel more balanced now. Much better!

And it is looking like I will not need to consult the tarot on Saturday. Sometime over the past week I noticed that I know who I am going to vote for. I like it when things become clear with no conscious thought and the answer is just there. My subconscious must have been hard at work.

In a post saying Brash lied about some pamphlets being distributed by the Exclusive Brethren, Carter deleted links by myself proving Clark lied to get the Police Commissioner to resign - in her first year as Prime Minister, five years ago.

He's a vile little hypocritical Labourite. And his party is the most vile since the National Party of the Muldoon years.

Down with Labour!
*nods at al*

Agreed. Discovered yesterday that a friend of mine is mates with JC and that made bile rise in my throat. No patience for partisan, ideologically blinded hacks. He spewed some venom on my blog a while ago but never defends his allegations.
I like to read different viewpoints and opinions. The comments section of Just Left is interesting in that regard. It is good to read if I want to feel incredulous.

Personally I don't agree with a lot of the Labour policies (and I could probably say the same for every political party), but many of my friends do. I want to try and understand why.

I'd also be interested to see whether Labour supporters that I know agree with Jordan.
Did you catch Jordan's famous "punch in the nose" post?

That pretty much sums him up.
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