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Friday, August 19, 2005

Politics Again...

yeah yeah...I KNOW...but this is only for another few minutes...

After Labour's latest "tax relief" for families thingy I have now decided.

I am definitely not voting Labour. I am definitely voting for whomever I think is best wrt to getting Labour out of power.

Yeah I'm a selfish person who doesn't care if the children are starving...but so are lots of other people, they just don't see it. So there :-p

Thus the true nature of rulers are revealed, milady. This enforced benevolence is but a mask for their true intent.
"An election is nothing more than an advance auction of stolen goods."

-- Ambrose Bierce
at least you're voting!!

and for david:
elections belong to the people. it is their decision. if they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters. - abe lincoln
"Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting to decide what's for lunch."
-- Marshall Fritz
If ACT say take less tax from every-one, it is called pandering to the rich.

If Labour give tax "relief" to Families (whom they taxed in the first place), then to disagree with the POLICY they bleat on how one must be anti-family, or selfish. It's a nice way of shutting down debate.

You are not selfish to want to decide how to spend your money. We live in a democracy, which allows us to do this.

The money you pay in taxes is to help ensure the community and environment in which we live is run well, and we care for those less able. But you supposedly get a say in the priorities of expenditure.

It would be communism if the State took your money, and declared that is the decided fee for the pleasure of existing in New Zealand. Advanced communism was prone to ending the pleasure of existence in the event of a debate.

A family of 6 now get a rebate even if Dad's on $130,000. A young couple on $35,000 (Brad and Janet if you read my posts) get nothing. This is Labour's social justice. Children are now bargaining chips to rebates. This is Labour buying votes. Their carefully managed caring façade has been torn away as they become nervous about losing power.
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