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Friday, July 08, 2005

I Don't Care

I am going to be totally honest here.

My initial reaction to the London Bombing news: I don't care.
My current reaction: I should care, but I don't. I tried surfing the web reading all I can find and trying to produce some sort of reaction. Still nothing.

By "I don't care" I mean that I feel absolutely nothing. Not horror, not outrage, not morbid curiosity, not even sympathy. Intellectually I can say that it is "a bad thing." But I can say that about many things.

I tried imagining I had close friends and family in London (and only last week that would've been true). Still nothing.

Surely I should feel something? Everyone else seems to care.

Given that I am hanging out with the-friend-most-sensitive-to-terrorist-bombings tonight, I need to do something about this unacceptable apathy.

I understand how you feel. When September 11 happened I was the same. London's different cause I have family there, but I still remember how completely annoyed I felt that everyone was so shocked and scared and caring and I just wasn't. It's annoying yes. It's probably unacceptable yes. But at the end of the day I wouldn't place to much weight on it. You'll go mental if you do.
Hey thanks for the comment. It is nice to know that other people feel (or don't feel in this case) the same.
A few months ago, i would have agreed with you completely. When 9/11 happened, i saw people hugging each other and crying. I lost no one but i was moved at such suffering. When i heard about the London bombings today, i felt exactly how you described in the blog - for a few seconds. However, i thank God everyday for being alive and keeping my loved ones alive. I thanked God for not having my loved ones among the ones that died today and it was at the same moment, i felt sorrow for the families who lost ther loved ones. It's not easy to explain but when you stop taking life for granted, you being to think - it's kinda like cannot have one without another - cannot have love for life without having sorrow for death. I feel the same sadness when innocent Iraqi civilians die :( - someone i might have met otherwise from London today will never meet me because he or she is dead.

Bah - it is human to feel the way you feel and natural. It is also natural to feel otherwise.
I'm not sure I felt much about 9/11 either. But I think that then I was at least shocked.

The only terrorist event that I felt something about was the Bali bombings. But that could be because close friends were affected by it.

Even if I don't feel much, it is nice to know that so many people around the world care about complete strangers.
it was the personal aspect of the bombings that got me. the fact that i know so many people who are over there and that there were so many people it could have been. i am over-sensitive to "it could have been me". i am becoming desensitised to the things that are happening, beaucse there are so many now. as i wrote earlier today - the if became when, and that's what piles on top of the personal factor to upset me.
Having witnessed 9/11 personally, working in manhattan when it happend and witnessing the whole thing directly from my office window, and living through the aftermath, the whole feel of the city afterwards, I was of course very affected, even though I didn't personally lose anyone I knew.

However, I do understand your feelings for what happened in London. It is how I would feel (and do feel) when I hear about a tragedy halfway around the world from me. Like the tsunami. I feel bad for the people who were lost and for those close to them, but I don't personally feel any horror about it.
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