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Monday, July 04, 2005

Suze Update

Lush Suze spent Friday night getting totally trashed. She didn't sleep at all until mid-morning Saturday, by which time she was an emotional wreck.

Dancer Suze has hurt her knee. It aches sometimes when she is sitting still. And it is sometimes agonising when she walks (all Suzes have a very high pain tolerance). She thinks that either Dancer Suze hurt it when she was pirouetting around her apartment or that Lush Suze hurt it when her head was spinning.

Geek Suze tried downloading Google Earth at home, then stopped when she realised that 500Kb of free disk space is much much less than the minimum requirements of 200Mb of free disk space. Then she started downloading Google Earth at work before realising she only has 20 Mb of free disk space at work. Geek Suze is not all that geeky. Not only would a real geek have realised these things instantly, a real geek would have a computer that meets these minimum requirements.

Pathetic Spinster Suze was a little over-emotional this weekend. Partly because of Lush Suze's antics on Friday night. Pathetic Spinster Suze spent the waking alone hours of the weekend crying and being depressed. She is also a little annoyed at the fact that people are feeling sorry for and suggesting that she set up a mutual just-separated friend when she has been single forever and no one feels sorry for her or tries to help Pathetic Spinster Suze with her love life.

Rock Chick Suze has bought a ticket for the Shihad concert on Thursday. She has also decided to track down her bass rig and bring it home. It is difficult being a Rock Chick without a loud bass rig.

The-Only-Beer-I-Like-Is-Guiness Suze has discovered she is wrong. She has discovered that she also likes Monteiths Warming Winter Ale which is all spicy and cinnamony.

Well, it would appear Suze is feeling a little... schizophrenic.
But Suze has brilliant taste in liquor. That Winter Ale was a pleasant surprise. I love the eclectically electrical buzz it gives your tongue. But that might be the cinnamon talking.
I am actually a beer novice. I much prefer spirits.

But the Winter Ale is exactly the type of beer I would invent if I were a new beer inventor.

And, yes David, I am feeling a little schizophrenic...

7/06/2005 03:49:14 PM
Hehe - i was also a (probably still am) guinness only drinker. Then i had this Polish beer which wasn't so bad - i am kinda new to drinking though and prefer the spirits hehe :) and a little chianti and other red wine now and then.
Yeah...I like beer with "character." I had a cherry beer the other night, which I loved. Of course, it didn't really taste like beer at all :)
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