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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Respectful Meme Morph: Link Update: Political Paddling

OK. This is as close as I will get to doing the Respectful Disagreement Meme that Zen Tiger tagged me with. Unless I change my mind. Which, given my current mental state, is quite likely.

In the interests of efficiency and my amusement I am combining it with my template link update and my political paddling.

Yeah. I have finally updated my links. Woohoo!!! About time. I have included a Political Blogs I Like category.

You will notice that the political blogs I like are quite diverse. I read a few others, but the ones in the sidebar are my favourites. In this Meme Morph I get to tell you why. As for the disagreement thing...it is probably best and easiest if you assume that I disagree with all of them.

So in random order. Why I like:

Spanblather. Span rocks. I love her blog. It is just the right mix of thoughtful and entertaining. I disagree pleasantly with many many things and I adore all her quizzes and non-political posts.

TUMEKE!. Tim Selwyn's blog is always interesting. Besides he recently made this fascinating post about political logo feng shui. Now that is my kind of post.

Home, Throne and Altar. "Musings on politics, culture and the Church from a crazy Pentecostal Tory." Now I am not a christian. I don't follow the bible. I am not even religious, except when I dabble in pagan practices. In fact, I am sure I am a very evil person according to many religions. I was banished to the 6th Level of Hell -The City of Dis in Dantes Inferno Hell Test. And apparently Satanism is my most appropriate religion according to another one of those quiz things. But I really like this blog. It is very well written, the authors have integrity, and I agree with a lot more than you'd expect.

GMan Inc. It's Gman's blog! Well...not the Gman I know like I first thought. But the gmen are surprisingly similar.

About Town. Surrealism. But more importantly flickr! Aboutown has some cool photos. Check out this lightning photo.

Sir Humphrey's. Sometimes I am intensely annoyed by the posts here. Sometimes I am amused. Sometimes I am baffled. Sometimes I learn something. And sometimes I even agree with the odd post. Regardless, it is always an entertaining place with interesting authors and interesting commenters.

Jimmy Jangles. This is probably not really a political blog, but I stumbled across it when I was thinking about politics so it is now and forever categorised with my political blogs. I like it because it is entertaining, it has lots of music related posts, it doesn't have too many political posts and most importantly because Mr Jangles' profile reads "Head like a hole, black as your soul, I'd rather die than give you control..."

Not PC. PC is very prolific so I don't actually get a chance to read all his posts. He says interesting things that make me think and he regularly posts art. I love the art.

David Farrar. DPF posts succintly and frequently. Plus he is one of the blogelite of NZ. This means that all I need to do to figure out 90% what the NZ Political blogosphere is chattering about is to scan this blog. Excellent!

frogblog. The Green Party blog. I disagree with 90% of the Green Party policies, but I am also a greenie at heart. This is a well-written blog and the frog is always gracious, even to the nasty rude rabid right-wingers.

Just Left. Jordan Carter's blog. Lots of interesting posts. Lots of debate. And Jordan also seems to be a very gracious bloghost in spite of the "interesting" commenters. I like "gracious."

Good Morph.
Hey Suze. Thanks for saying nice things about me lil blog! Merci for the link.

On a whim I changed "Head like a hole, black as your soul, I'd rather die than give you control..." and added "...of the remote' .....

I've reciprocated the link.
You are most welcome. I really like your blog. And thanks for reciprocating...not necessary, but very cool.

NIN references + humour...lovely!:)
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