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Monday, July 04, 2005

I need someone to disagree with

There is this disagreement meme thing that I have been tagged with. I have to name three people I disagree with and say something nice about them.

Unfortunately my first thought is that I don't disagree with anyone (which is not the same thing as saying I agree with everyone). I am not *that* sort of blogger. Besides, most of my opinions are very malleable. I guess I just need to figure out those things that I am stubborn and blinkered about. Suggestions from the ether are most welcome.

I wonder if they have to be bloggers?

I could change it to three people I agree with and say something nasty about them. But then maybe that's not a good idea.

Actually. Now that I think about it, some of my favourite real life people are also the most annoying. I disagree with them quite intensely. Now if I could just remember what it is I disagree with them about...

In real life I disgaree with:
Dr Black - believes that everyone is materialistic and calculating. I disagree.
Tree Boy - thinks that anything unscientific is a load of rubbish. I disagree.
Dr G Ripps - thinks that everything works out if you just drift and let others decide the direction of your life. I disagree.

Dr Black, Tree Boy, and Dr G Ripps are some of my favourite people in the world. I adore them all. They rock. Literally. I am very very picky about people I like, and even pickier about "favourites." I have very few favourites. So I think this qualifies as something nice.

I will do this properly after I do some blogosphere research.

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